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Are you tired of dealing with grease-related challenges in your
commercial kitchen or food establishment?
Look no further! ProViro Grease Management Limited and GTMS Ltd is your
trusted partner for efficient, eco-friendly solutions.

Our Services: ProViro GM Ltd

Grease Trap Installation and Maintenance: Say goodbye to clogged drains and foul odours. Our experts will install and maintain high-quality grease traps tailored to your needs.

Grease Recovery Systems: We offer cutting-edge systems that recover valuable grease for recycling, reducing waste and costs.

Compliance Assistance: Stay compliant with local regulations. We guide you through legal requirements and best practices.

Training and Education: Empower your staff with knowledge on grease management techniques.

Our Services: GTMS Ltd

Grease Trap Pump Outs: We provide scheduled quarterly grease trap pump outs and notify you when the pump out is due.

Grease Trap Repair: Our Mechanical Engineer is on hand to repair and replace parts should the grease trap stop working.

Other Services: Line Jetting to Clear Blockages

Compliance Assistance: We offer a consultancy service providing assistance to businesses in the hospitality industry requiring a Trade Effluence License.

Before Pump Out Before Pump Out
After Pump Out After Pump Out
Pump Out Vacuum Truck Pump Out Vacuum Truck
Blocked Pipe requiring Line Jetting Blocked Pipe requiring Line Jetting

Why Choose ProViro GM Ltd and GTMS Ltd?

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ProViro GM Ltd is operating since 1994 and GTMS Ltd is operating since 2013, we know grease management inside out.

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We prioritize eco-friendly solutions that benefit your business and the environment.

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Our team ensures timely service, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

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Who we are

Whether you are a small restaurant owner or run a large food service establishment serving thousands, grease discharge to the waste water system is a problem.

Most Local Authorities have effluent discharge regulations that limit the amount of grease and oil that can be released into the environment.

Violations can be costly resulting in fines and operational downtime. In addition, grease and solids can physically obstruct your drain lines requiring costly repairs. ProViro Environmental Services provide an efficient, cost effective solution to your problems.

If you plan to design or install a new high volume food service drainage system, or renovate your existing system, a grease and oil removal system will help you avoid expensive interruptions and higher operating costs in the future.

Through our years of experience we have developed expertise in all aspects of grease removal from kitchen effluent. With engineers and architects we have developed a very simple process. From CAD drawings, or photographs in a retrofit situation, we make recommendations on drainage runs and grease trap locations and provide a quotation.

At ProViro Environmental Services we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We supply you with the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution for your particular needs. We liaise with your plumber and building contractor during construction. We train staff and provide ongoing backup service.

We also service grease traps through our sister company GTMS (Grease Trap Maintenance Services ). GTMS is a permitted company collecting waste fat, oil and grease for rendering. At GTMS we offer our customers tailored service agreements.

Our Products

What we do

Grease Trap Maintenance Services (GTMS)
GTMS is our sister company that covers the service side of the business. With years of experience we offer our customers a first class service. We pride ourselves on doing the job to the manufacturers specifications.

All grease traps must be serviced every three months as is legally required by Irish Water. With a Service Contract, you can avail of free call outs for trouble shooting and labour for repairs. We also provide free staff retraining as required.

Our customers include Burger Boy,  McDonalds, Dublin Airport, Nandos, Zatoon, Radisson Blue, PwC, Gourmet Burger and many independent restaurants and fast food outlets.

We do it all! Pump It. Desludge, Cleaning, Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

In Ireland every food service establishment is required to treat their wastewater discharge in accordance with the water pollution act 1977 and to conform to Irish Water’s Discharge Licence conditions. It is also good for the environment and keeps your sewer drains clear of grease which can cause blockages and down time for the business. If you’re not connected to a city sewer and you have an onsite treatment system, then it is a very good idea to do your best to remove FOG (fats oils and grease) from the waste water before reaching the onsite treatment system.

There are two types of grease traps. Automatic and Passive Traps. Fundamentally both traps are similar. They are both designed in a way that separates free-floating FOG and stores it. In passive traps they need to have a big storage capacity for the FOG (like the Trapzilla) Sometimes an establishment doesn’t have space for a large passive grease trap and that’s when you can use a smaller version that can automatically remove FOG from the tank by way of skimming the FOG out and transferring it into a separate container for staff to maintain. Our Automatic range is called the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper is a Point Source Grease Removal Unit. When locating a Big Dipper, it is recommended to locate them close to the generating source of the FOG. Like the pot wash sink or pre rinse sink in the kitchen

The Big Dipper is a point source grease removal unit. It automatically skims the grease from the tank where the FOG is trapped.

The Trapzilla is the latest version of a basic passive grease trap that was first designed by the ancient Romans 4000 years ago. Thermaco the manufacturer has given the industry a much needed update in size, efficiency and storage capacity. The Trapzilla range can trap 60% more grease than all other comparable passive grease traps currently available on the market. This is thanks to unique changes of baffle design internally. Trapzilla units can also be used as building blocks to achieve a much larger grease trap solution for the bigger type of food service establishments.

ProViro has designed a compact mobile Trapzilla unit for the Food Fair and Mobile Food Market that do not have plumbing but are still required to treat their wastewater. This unit is equivalent to a 500-litre traditional passive trap.

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